About Champa Aur Chinti

Champa aur chinti, orissa culture and lifestyle

Champa Aur Chinti (Frangipani & the Ant) .Non.Governing.Oneness. is a socio- craft entrepreneurial venture run on a business model. It is based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. This business model envisions to have various craft & handloom related subsidiaries as co-operative societies and SHG (Self Help Groups) under its aegis. Next step is to register all the SHGs as Champa Aur Chinti Non Governmental Organization. Primal goal is to establish the Champa Aur Chinti Craft Trust Ltd, which will be governed by a Board of Trustees representing all the important walks of social fabric.

Champa Aur Chinti is the brain child of Siddartha Patnaik. He happens to be the foundational floor of the organization with a support pillar team of 10 professional & skilled individuals who happen to collectively work towards total customer satisfaction in the niche market of Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle products for contemporary usage by being a reliable source of creative design & quality production centre.

The organization took is gestational form since 2005 in the form of a poem written by Siddartha as a random use of words, leading to sentences & eventually becoming the Mission Statement for this organization.

Since its inception, the company has been doing constant research & development, experimentation working in the area of Indian Art, Handicraft & Handlooms by giving product development concepts to skilled artisans & other professionals like Pattern Master, Tailor, and Hand Embroider etc to develop Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle products for contemporary usage.

On Saturday, 15th May 2010; company made its presence on Facebook, a popular social media & networking site. It is garnering enough support & encouragement since then.

Champa Aur Chinti (Frangipani & the Ant) .Non.Governing.Oneness. took a formal shape on Thursday, 1st January 2015 to embark on a long journey, on to the path named Life. Bon Voyage!

The company’s present forte happens to be Odisha’s Kotpad Mrigan Community handloom textiles, Pipli Appliqué & Patachitra art along with its associated crafts like Palm Leaf Engraving, Paper Mashie, and Wood Carving etc.

The company made its global web presence on Sunday, 11th January 2015 by participating in Tedx Textile Toolbox Event.