Wash Care & Other Instructions


1.    Silk based products to be Dry Cleaned periodically as per the usage by the end customer.

2.    While Ironing on Silk / Acrylic hand paint – for Ironing Silk, please put a cotton cloth on the product before ironing. Reverse / inside out ironing where acrylic colours are used.

3.    Naturally dyed (Green Textiles) textiles shouldn’t be cleaned / washed with fabric softeners, chemical detergents etc. This will lead to discolouration. Just wash them in plain water as its naturally dyed; the components have a healing effect on skin.

4.    After washing the naturally dyed product, don’t dry it in direct sunlight as it will lead to discolouration. Always dry it in shade.

5.    All our Cotton products with respect to apparel are pre-shrunked.

6.    For any other assistance / Customer Care, write to info@champaaurchinti.com